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The mission of SPINCLUSION is to empower seniors, veterans, and individuals with mobility issues by providing free bicycle rides on adaptive electric bicycles, allowing them to live a healthy, active, inclusive, and fun lifestyle.


SPINCLUSION is the Hampton Roads affiliate of the global Cycling Without Age program.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in partnership with Bike Norfolk that is run by volunteers and provides free bicycle rides to individuals in the Hampton Roads community who wouldn't be able to do so on their own.


All rides are free and led by trained pilots in various areas of the community. Click here to see a video of our favorite bicycle, the trishaw. 


The goals of SPINCLUSION are twofold- 


 Give the Riders the opportunity to:

  • Feel a part of society by reducing social isolation while creating multi-generational relationships between volunteers, riders, passengers, support staff, and family members.  Relationships build happiness, improve quality of life, and strengthen communities.

  • Focus on what CAN be done at any age or with a given disability to bring about positivity, build self-esteem, and bring joy back to life.

  • Experience their neighborhood and nature from close up.

  • Share their stories of life.

  • Enjoy the physical benefits of cycling if they are able to take an active role in the ride.

  • “Feel the wind in their hair.”


Give the Pilots the opportunity to:

  • Share their time and energy, taking pride in volunteering and building relationships within their community.

  • Slowdown from their hectic lives.

  • Share conversation in a gentle and caring activity.

  • Enjoy the physical benefits of cycling.

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