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Spinclusion's Electric Bikes

The Electric Tribike Taxi


Copenhagen Cycles Electric Triobike Taxi is easy to ride and steer and comfortable for both the rider and passenger(s).


It is designed to be practical and stylish at the same time. It’s primarily designed to carry adults, especially elderly people, but also anyone with mobility issues.


With 90 cm of inner width, the passenger seat is among the most spacious on the market, allowing for two passengers. Its ergonomic design ensures a very relaxed sitting position, with seatbelts for added safety.  The removable footrest allows for ease of entry and exit.


A powerful 250W mid-drive motor allows for a smooth ride and confidence in the pilots to be able to complete the ride safely. A removable canopy allows for protection from unexpected rain or excessive heat on sunny days.  

Click here to see a video of the trishaw in use. 

The Worksman Electric Side By Side


The Worksman Side by Side Electric Trike is perfect for those riders that are able to assist with the ride or have the range of motion to put their feet on the pedals.


The bike has coaster and drum brakes and 3 pedal gears to allow each rider to choose the speed (gear) that is right for them.  Thickly padded and super comfortable high back captain's chairs with swivel armrests provide ease of entry/exit and comfort during the ride.  The bike is equipped with adaptive pedals to secure the riders feet while pedaling and seatbelts for added safety.

The Van Raam OPair


The Van Raam OPair is a super versatile wheelchair bike that gives the option to ride or stroll without the burden of transporting an additional wheelchair.


The OPair easily splits into two parts – the front is a wheelchair that can be used independent of the bike and the rear is the actual functional ‘bike’ portion of the frame that houses the pedals, seat, and gears. The bike is split and put together in a matter of a couple minutes with the passenger sitting comfortable and safely in the wheelchair.


It is an electric bicycle with 8 gears that can be customized to maximize the comfort and safety of the passenger with adjustable seat recline, lateral supports, hip supports, head rest, leg rests, and a four point harness seat belt.

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